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Lay-by Policy

Our Lay-By Policy

We know that things are tough and sometimes you can't always afford what you need, even the small items can sometimes be a challenge.

At Advanced for Ford & Holden we understand this and are more than happy to offer you the ability to secure your vehicle parts and pay for them as you can afford it.

These are our lay-by terms:-

1. Availability

1.1 Our Lay-by service is offered at our discrection and by prior arrangement.

2. Payments
2.1 The purchase price (including any delivery charges) for lay-by products must be paid in full before the item or items can be delivered or picked up.
2.2 All installments must be paid by normal payment methods as approved by Advanced for Ford & Holden. Please note that, in certain cases, a payment transaction may not be processed for up to 48 hours after the relevant date of payment.
2.3 In order to obtain earlier delivery of lay-by products, you may at any time choose to prepay the outstanding balance of the purchase price.

3. Variations
3.1 It is not our policy to vary a lay-by, once it has been arranged, for example, you cannot remove individual items from a lay-by, or convert an existing order into a lay-by. However it is possible to add extra items to an existing lay-by by arrangement.
3.2 We will not pass on to you any price reductions or special offers that may apply to lay-by items at any time after the order date.

4. Property, delivery and returns
4.1 The lay-by items will remain our property until the purchase price is paid in full.
4.2 We will deliver the lay-by items to you in accordance with our normal procedure, once the purchase price has been paid in full.
4.3 For the avoidance of doubt, our usual returns policies will apply to the lay-by items.

5. Lay-by sales act 1971
We will comply in all respects with the Lay-by Sales Act 1971.

6. Terms
In these Terms, "purchase price" includes our delivery charges, except where stated. "We", "our" and "us" means Advanced for Ford & Holden and "you" means our customer.
Lay-by enquiries
, If you have any enquiries about our lay-by service, please email us using our contact form.


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