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“Start with the Right Part”
We work hard at Advanced for Ford & Holden to have the right vehicle parts available and ready to go for you on our warehouse shelves.

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Vehicle Parts History
For 40 plus years we have been purchasing vehicles for dismantling as well as rebuilding vehicle parts like transmissions, engine parts, electrical components and steering parts. We also import aftermarket new parts for Ford & Holden models.
  Parts Shelves
Dedicated to Ford & Holden
At Advanced for Ford & Holden we have one of the largest warehouses in New Zealand dedicated to just Ford & Holden second hand, rebuilt or aftermarket vehicle parts. Although it’s impossible to do an exact count of part numbers we would have over 50,000 parts on our shelves at any one time.
Barcode Label PrintersStock Control
We have an extensive stock control system that has been in place for many years and we believe our system is as good as it gets. We print a bar-coded label for every vehicle part and have a bar-code system for every single location throughout the warehouse.
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Parts & Location
At Advanced for Ford & Holden we determine if a particular vehicle part should be kept and located in the warehouse based on years of sales figures and enquiry rates. Once this is confirmed and the part checked, it gets a unique bar-coded label and is moved to its location in the warehouse. The part always remains linked to its origin, whether it has come from a vehicle, aftermarket supplier, or an exchange.
Part Description & Condition
Once you call us or enquire about any vehicle part our specialised Ford or Holden sales team will look into the database once they have worked out with you the right part requirement to find that in the system. Once the part is identified they will know its background, condition and description and exactly where it’s located in the warehouse. The next step once you confirm your purchase is the delivery.



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