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Vehicle Parts Rebuilding

Our Parts Rebuilding

At Advanced for Ford & Holden we have a number of departments focused on rebuilding vehicle parts.

We believe we have some of the most talented parts re-builders of any dismantler in New Zealand.

Below are examples of rebuilt vehicle parts that we offer for sale for peace of mind motoring.

Sample Gearbox1. We rebuild transmissions.  We either run-check, service or rebuild each transmission as required, before it is stocked ready for sale.

Sample Starter Motor2. Perera either checks, tests or rebuilds electrical parts such as: starter motors, alternators, window regulars, master switches, and door locking solenoids as required. There is nothing that gets past Perera's experienced eye.

3. Phil is our expert steering rack re-builders. They either visually check, bench pressure test or rebuild steering racks and power steering pumps for most Ford & Holden models as required. Most come with a 12 month warranty, so you can be confident when purchasing a rack from Advanced for Ford & Holden.

Sample Nosecut4. Otto is our expert vehicle panel guy and works hard to check the quality of each panel before it's shipped out. He puts together the panel cut orders and strips and checks all our nose-cuts and makes sure the Ford & Holden panel parts and associated components are up to scratch and fit for your vehicle.

Sample Mag Wheel
 Regan is our mag man. He cleans, checks and gets the Ford & Holden factory or after market mag & steel wheels ready to go on display in our showroom. These are sold in sets and part sets.

Sample Cylinder Head6. Phil is a qualified automotive engineer with a background in motor racing. Phil is responsible for either visually checking, testing or rebuilding engines for both Ford & Holdens as required.
Call one of our sales team on 0800 777 525 to talk about our vehicle parts rebuilding.
Our Exchange Vehicle Part System and how it works.

Many, but not all of our Ford & Holden vehicle parts are sold to our customers on an exchange basis. We sell you our warrantied Ford or Holden vehicle part and we get back your old part even if it’s faulty or broken.

We will tell you at the point of sale if we require your old part as an Exchange. This is one way we can help keep the cost of vehicle parts to a minimum and off set the total price of some of those more expensive vehicle parts.

Often the part that is returned to us is rebuilt or parts used from the returned part to rebuild another part.

Just remember that we organize the freight back and cover the cost of the return once you confirm by telling us that the part is ready to go. We then get our freight company to return the part to Advanced for Ford & Holden to possibly begin the next chapter in its life-cycle. We think this the ultimate in recycling. Thanks for playing your part.


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