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Advanced for Ford & Holden is a preferred Capricorn supplier member and we have been working hard to supply Ford & Holden automotive vehicle parts to Capricorn Members like you for 19 years.

One of the things we say is that you need to “Start with the right part” so here below is our 7 step written commitment process that we have put in place to help achieve the best result for all our Capricorn customers.

Specialising in Ford & Holden Parts

1. We are committed to SPECIALISING
As a team we are focused exclusively on Ford & Holden vehicles. In 40 years we have built up a huge base of experience and knowledge around the makes and models for Ford & Holden. We know our Ford & Holden part experience for these vehicles is second to none. Specialising in only Ford & Holden enables us along with your assistance to find the correct part almost every time.

We have Parts Available
2. We are committed to having parts AVAILABLE
After 40 years of working hard in the dismantling business we have analysed what Ford & Holden parts need to be in stock and on our warehouse shelves. Although we have never counted every part we believe we have over 50,000 parts in the warehouse at any one time. Call us to see if we have the parts you need and if we don’t then we will work hard to find it for you.

3. We are committed to QUALITY
We are not like a lot of other wreckers; we don’t just strip parts and sell them. The process is much more than that and our 12 step dismantling process highlights the difference. At Advanced for Ford & Holden we inspect, check, test and in many cases rebuild parts before they are offered for sale. Also we know that our second hand parts warranties are better than many in New Zealand.

Everyday Pricing
4. We are committed to EVERYDAY FAIR PRICING
At Advanced for Ford & Holden we are committed to an everyday fair price policy so our pricing structure is tailored to be fair and competitive. We strive to be consistent with the pricing on Ford & Holden parts. We also support the Capricorn reward system and special discount for all parts sold for Ford & Holden vehicles.

Capricorn priority calling
5. We are committed to SERVICE
Capricorn Customer Priority has been set up on our phone system so that your call goes to the top of the queue when calling our parts call center. Our Ford & Holden parts specialists are trained to respond quickly to your parts enquiry and work with you to find the right part. We have a unique Capricorn call number 0800 860 666 that ensures priority calling.

Fast Delivery
6. We are committed to FAST DELIVERY
We understand the need to deliver vehicle parts to your workshop as fast as possible. Especially when your customer’s vehicle is on the hoist and you need a part to complete the repair, any delay can be frustrating. Fast efficient delivery is key so we have worked hard to appoint dedicated freight and courier companies that best suit delivery of vehicle parts for local and national delivery.

7. I am committed to our CAPRICORN CUSTOMERS
To our valued Capricorn Customers, I want you to know that my team is focused on meeting these commitments above. Advanced for Ford & Holden is a true New Zealand owned family business and we are committed to working hard to have the right parts in stock, working with you to identify the right part, provide meaningful warranties and deliver to you as fast as possible.
Final note; using the Capricorn purchasing system when buying parts for Ford & Holden vehicles is good for you as the customer and good for us as the supplier. We want to encourage you to use this system as much as possible so that we both benefit together. We look forward to your next call.



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