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40-plus Years at Advanced Parts & Spares Ltd

2015 marked the 40-Year anniversary for Advanced for Ford & Holden. It may not mean much to you but we think it’s kind of significant, as we have continued to supply Ford & Holden vehicle parts to our customers throughout New Zealand.
We have done well to celebrate 40 years in business in New Zealand and need to pass on our thanks to our people, customers and supporters in the past, present and hopefully on into the next 40 years.
We love what we do, can’t say it’s always easy, however we continue to be passionate about Ford & Holden vehicles and the spare parts we dismantle, check, stock and deliver throughout New Zealand.
We have also lead the way in a few things within our industry, so if you are interested, listed below are a few areas that we have been first in implementing.
Wrecking Bay
The first wrecker to completely pre dismantle vehicles and then carry these spare parts in a warehouse rather than picking the part from the vehicle.
Parts Scanning
The first dismantler to implement quality control on all vehicle spare parts before going into stock in our warehouse.
The first to establish significant spare part warranties to provide credibility and confidence for customer peace of mind relating to second hand vehicle parts.
The first to install a proprietary computerized stock inventory system specifically designed for the dismantling industry.
First to make recycling and rebuilding of second hand vehicle parts a credible discipline of our dismantling operation.
Capricorn Supplier
We were also the very first Ford & Holden dismantler to be accredited as a preferred Capricorn supplier.
Parts Connection
We were also a founder member of the Parts Connection group of companies, New Zealand’s largest group of specialists spare parts suppliers.

We are a specialist medium size business working in the dismantling industry committed to supplying Ford & Holden spare parts throughout New Zealand. We think these industry first achievements in some way help illustrate just some of the things we are proud of accomplishing over the last 40 years of business.


Parts Connection
Capricorn Preferred Supplier
Automotive Recyclers Association


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