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The VF Commodore SS-V

It stops; it sure goes and now handles better than ever!

The new Holden VF Commodore is currently out selling expectations in Australia especially the top of the range Calais V and SS-V Redline. This is despite the gloomy talk about Commodore and it’s future life span in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

It has stiffer suspension, improved brakes and some nice interior upgrades that look more European, it's available in a sedan, Ute or sport wagon body styles. 

The V8 Redline and SS-V models have two-tone leather and suede on the seats with the Holden MyLink colour touch-screen system and the speed and sat-nav information projected onto the windscreen for the driver.

The VF Commodore SS-VThe marriage between performance and general driving has been reported in the NZ Herald lately as been done well especially for the SS-V Redline. They call this a “true weapon”. Both the SS-V and the SS-V Redline have the same 6L engine the Redline is reported to be better with ride and handling.

We have also read that Holden are offering a split size for the wheel and tyre setup on these models. 245/40 R19 for the front tyres and 275/35 R19 for the tyres at the rear. This is their attempt to make this the best handling Commodore of all time and from what we have read and what people are saying this maybe true.

Other areas of changes include a firmer chassis, bigger stabiliser bar, larger brakes and the steering is the best ever. The new Redline is missing very little and the standard equipment includes the latest safety devices like forward collision alert, lane departure warning and windscreen display. Other nice features like a premium Bose audio system, forged 19-inch alloys, sports suspension package, leather trim and the touch-screen with the ability to stream music and podcasts through apps using smartphone internet connectivity.

There are always downsides depending, which way you look. The engine can be very thirsty, the official average fuel consumption of 11.8L/100km. We don’t think we’ve seen tyres at 275/35 R19 on a conventional Commodore before so the cost to replace these maybe a little steep. However this car is difficult to find fault and is by far the best Commodore for stopping, going and moving around corners.

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