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The Mustang turns 50

The Ford Mustang is turning 50 and to celebrate Ford will unveil the 2015 new look muscle car on 5 December 2013. It will be simultaneously shown in these 5 major cities, Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Sydney and Shanghai.
The Ford Mustang BadgeThis will be the first redesign since 2005 for the car that started life on April 17, 1964, at the New York World's Fair. The 2015 Mustang will be a global car and on sale throughout the world. Ford is saying that you won't mistake this car for anything but a Mustang. Most likely that means a long hood, short rear deck and stacks of grunt.
There are over 200 Mustang clubs throughout the world and the car has 5 million plus Facebook followers with most of them living outside America. It has been featured on postage stamps, watches and luggage, and even has had its own fragrance. Even songs have been written and sung by Chuck Berry and Katy Perry about the Mustang.
The worldwide appeal of the Mustang is one reason why Ford want to sell this car everywhere. However the Mustang will have to appeal to a much wider group of people than ever before. So to get the looks and feel right it may have to be all things to all people, which may lead to a little bit of compromise.
Ford has sold around 9 million Mustangs over the last 50 years. Some were notable, such as the 1968 Mustang fastback and several high-powered Shelby Cobra versions but some were very poor sellers. Lets hope this one is a winner.
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