Banner Vehicles July 2019

Nine of the Best & Worst Selling Cars

Australia's current top selling vehicles by quantity.

1 Mazda 3 Mazda 3   6 Hyundai i30 Hyundai i30
2 Toyota Hi Lux Toyota Hi Lux 7 Toyota Camry Toyota Camry
3 Toyota Corolla Toyota Corolla 8 Nissan Navara Nissan Navara
4 Holden Commodore Holden Commodore 9 Toyota Yaris Toyota Yaris
5 Holden Cruze Holden Cruze      

New Zealands's current top selling vehicles by quantity.

1 Toyota Corolla Toyota Corolla   6 Toyota Hi Ace Toyota Hi Ace
2 Toyota Hi Lux Toyota Hi Lux 7 VW Golf VW Golf
3 Ford Ranger Ford Ranger 8 Holden Captiva Holden Captiva
4 Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift 9 Hyundai Santa Fe Hyundai Santa Fe
5 Nissan Navara Nissan Navara      

Britain's current top selling vehicles by quantity.

1 Ford Fiesta Ford Fiesta   6 Nissan Qashai Nissan Qashai
2 Vauxhall Corsa Vauxhall Corsa 7 VW Polo VW Polo
3 Ford Focus Ford Focus 8 BMW 1 Series BMW 1 Series
4 VW Golf VW Golf 9 Peugeot 208 Peugeot 208
5 Vauxhall Astra Vauxhall Astra      

America's current top selling vehicles by quantity.

1 Nissan Altima Nissan Altima   6 Honda Civic Honda Civic
2 Toyota Camry Toyota Camry 7 Hyundai Elantra Hyundai Elantra
3 Honda Accord Honda Accord 8 Ford Focus Ford Focus
4 Toyota Corolla Toyota Corolla 9 Chevrolet Cruze Chevrolet Cruze
5 Ford Fusion Ford Fusion      

Current worst selling vehicles in the USA by quantity

(1 = the least number sold)
1 Mitsubishi I MiEV Mitsubishi I MiEV   6 Suzuki Equator Suzuki Equator
2 Mitsubishi Lancer Mitsubishi Lancer 7 Subaru Tribeca Subaru Tribeca
3 Acura ZDX
(Honda's Lexus)
Acura ZDX 8 Audi TT Audi TT
4 Nissan GT-R Nissan GT-R 9 BMW Z4 BMW Z4
5 Cadillac Escalade EXT Cadillac Escalade EXT      


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