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Possible upgrades for Tesla Models 3 & Y

It appears possible that Tesla will be opening up a battery performance upgrade for Model 3 and Model Y owners. This has been spotted in the code from recent firmware updates by an independent tech expert within a recent online post. These models are currently listed as 110kW and 160kW, respectively.

Tesla Model 3The discovery seems to suggest that Tesla is looking to launch a pay-for upgrade for this software-locked mode. This may allow owners to upgrade and therefore access a greater battery range, by how much we don’t really know yet.

Other commentators have suggested that the move could be due to regulations in specific non-American markets, like Singapore and other countries, where the automaker recently launched a Model 3 RWD 110 configuration to seemingly accommodate for max-power output exemptions or regulations granted to EV’s that sit under a 110kW limit. However, Tesla has recently hinted at the fact that it may start offering pay-for performance upgrades at the owners discretion.

Tesla model YEarlier in 2024, Elon Musk referred to Tesla’s future plans to offer software-locked performance upgrades for the Model Y. This was after Tesla launched a new base level long range RWD configuration as a replacement for the previous lower-ranged option.

He also said that the software upgrade could be priced between $1,500 and $2,000 US dollars and could offer an additional 65 to 100 kilometres of range. This would bring some models up to par with the new longer-range options.

It’s not entirely clear when Tesla would begin offering these upgrades relating to the soft performance limit, but it can’t be too far away.

Recently in the possibility column, we have noticed some talk around what seems to be a Tesla hands-free voice assistant for Tesla vehicles. According to the rumour, the assistant could be set to be automatically activated using what is called a wake-word, (Hey Siri! would be deemed a wake-word) meaning that the car would always be listening for a particular command.

Tesla RobotaxiAlso included in this column were details of some insights into upcoming vehicle features from code found in yet another update which included a mechanical horn steering wheel and yoke set, expected to be made available for other Tesla Models. You may have to dig deeper to get more information on this technology.

This is what we have found - rather than spin the steering wheel round and round when cornering, the yoke set can be turned 150 degrees in either direction, with a computer interpreting the driver's inputs and controlling the angle of the front wheels. Computer enhanced steering assistance we think.

One more final piece of information, Tesla is looking to add back more employees to its Autopilot, self-driving, and robotics teams. This follows on from widespread layoffs over the past few months to eliminate positions and save dollars for its short-term business planning.

Tesla started letting people go from its workforce in early 2024 as it downsized to prepare for predicted downturns in U.S. economy.

Tesla has found itself between two growth periods as it prepared to launch the new Robotaxi platform, Tesla had made some tough choices with more than 10% of its global workforce let go this year.

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