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What's new from the Shelby Group?

If you can remember back to the sixties, then you should know what the name Carroll Shelby means to Ford? Shelby American today is currently turning America’s last standing V8 muscle car into its latest Super Snake model by combining supercharged power with the Shelby appearance and performance.

They have always been a specialty vehicle manufacturer and are now unveiling their latest creation at the Barrett-Jackson's Palm Beach auction.

Shelby Super SnakeA 610Kw 2024 Shelby Super Snake is the kind of thing you have come to expect from Mustang’s long-time partner and performance colleague. Production is planned for June/July 2024 and the Super Snake can be purchased only at select Shelby-authorised Ford dealers.

The Shelby American relationship with the Ford Mustang began shortly after the it was launched in 1964. Shelby’s first collaboration was on the 1965 Ford Mustang and named the Shelby G.T. 350. Shelby’s reputation and work in the automotive market only grew from there, with some of the most iconic cars of all time being developed.

This Super Snake model has its roots in Ford’s dominance during the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966, a project spearheaded by the company’s founder, automotive legend Carroll Shelby. 60 years later, that relationship continues with the Shelby company, which offers many different models that pay respect to the past but provide the power, performance, and style that their customers and fans have come to expect from the legacy builders.

The Famous Ford GT40The current president of Shelby American, Gary Patterson, reckons that Ford have built a fantastic car that is certainly world-class and that the Ford team have been very helpful in sharing information so they could make the transition to the Mustang S650 as straightforward as possible.

He also mentioned that since the new chassis was similar to the previous Mustang S550, they were able to focus primarily on ensuring that everything Shelby American changed was highly functional. Shelby has worked really hard on the aerodynamics and incorporate lighter materials.

The premium and most expensive model offered is the 610Kw Super Snake, a power level that is achieved using Whipple Superchargers. The group went one step further by adding a larger radiator and heat exchanger to keep the 4th Generation Coyote 5.0L V8 engine running cool, even under the harsh driving conditions.

The exhaust is a Shelby Borla system, the driveline is enhanced by a one-piece driveshaft performance half-shaft, and a short-throw shifter. The suspension system applies grip to the massive tyres, which are mounted on 20-inch wheels.

Handling speed while heading into a corner is controlled by oversized brake rotors and Brembo callipers. A naturally aspirated model is also available, carrying a 353Kw rating. Both Super Snakes have the option of either a manual or automatic transmission.

Super Snake Tail WingOver the years the Shelby Super Snakes have become known for their widebody stance and the S650 version carries that same theme. Shelby is on record saying that they have set out to make the 2024 Ford Mustang the most technically sophisticated Super Snake in history.

With exact and careful engineering Shelby are able to add much more power while working to keep the weight more balanced using a new aluminium bonet and carbon-fibre fenders that also redirect air flow for ultimate cooling. The magnesium alloy wheels reduce weight so you can drive deeper into and accelerate faster out of every corner. The featherweight carbon-fibre tail wing also helps keep the retuned suspension fully intact.

Shelby American plans to build 250 vehicles in the United States, along with certain partners creating a limited number of models to be sold outside of America. Enthusiasts can expect a portfolio of Super Snake components to be released, but not all the parts and pieces will be available to ensure the production cars remain special and unique. We are not sure how many will make it down to this part of the world, but we do think it looks cool and a great tribute to Carroll Shelby.

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