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Top 10 U.S. Vehicle Sales for 2023

We wanted to check-out the top 10 selling vehicles in the USA for 2023.

With the vehicle market in some upheaval since the pandemic, it would be interesting to note if things have improved much. There are a few winners and losers with volumes up and some down. Some of the sales volumes were stronger than 2022, thanks mainly to increasing stock levels.

As supply-chain issues continued to ease, many automakers were finally able to produce more cars to keep up with their demand. It wasn’t all good news, as Stellantis (European Automaker) didn't quite keep up with the previous year's sales levels. However, other major companies like Ford, GM, Toyota, and Honda increased their volumes.

Below we've ranked the top 10 bestselling models. Interestingly, it's mostly SUVs, crossovers and trucks that led the way, only one sedan made the list. In reality, the top 10 list accounts for over 4 million vehicles sold in America. Compare that to the total new vehicles sold in NZ annually is usually around 100K.

Check out which sedan/car made the top 10 selling vehicles list in the USA; you won’t be surprised.

10. Jeep Grand Cherokee (244,595 units)
Early in 2023, the Grand Cherokee (also sold in New Zealand) was previously one of several Stellantis models with a sharp sales decline. But a stronger second half of 2023 helped the mid-size SUV rise by 10% compared with the year before.

9. Nissan Rogue (271,458 units)
The Nissan Rogue is similar to the X-Trail sold in New Zealand, Rogue sales saw a big jump in 2023, increasing 46% over the previous year. That includes sales of the smaller Rogue Sport, but that sport model has been discontinued in the U.S. and will trickle out of the American sales reports in the future.

8. Toyota Camry (290,649 units)
American car writers have been singing the praises of the Toyota Camry (also sold in New Zealand) for ever and are adamant it will never relinquish its spot as the bestselling non-SUV. Its sales declined by 2% compared with 2022, but it still maintained its place in the top 10.

7. GMC Sierra (295,737 units)
The Sierra is a mechanical twin to the Chevy Silverado and kind of similar to the Holden Colorado, until Holden production stopped in December 2017. This is a full-size pickup truck and its heavy-duty stablemate both had a strong year. Sales of the Sierra increased by 22% overall compared with the previous year.

6. Honda CR-V (361,457 units)
A real lack of supply severely limited sales in 2022 but Honda fixed that for 2023. Sales were up a whopping 52%. Despite the increase the CR-V (also sold in New Zealand) still finished well behind Toyota’s RAV4.
The CR-V has been around since 1995 and sell in massive numbers across the world.

5. Tesla Model Y (385,900 units estimated)
These numbers are media estimates and may be true or not but that’s the only information we have. So, if it’s true the Model Y had a monster year, that’s a surprising result given that it and the Tesla Model 3 are the only EV’s in the top ten. So, these figures may include both models. (both sold in New Zealand)

4. Toyota RAV4 (434,943 units)
Toyota’s RAV4 (also sold in New Zealand) retained its top spot as the bestselling SUV in America once again. It finished the year strong enough to post a 9% increase over its already super strong 2022 showing. Other similar sized rivals are beginning to close the gap, but the RAV4’s practicality, affordability, and ease of use still demonstrate why it's regularly one of America’s and the world’s top-selling vehicles.

3. Ram Pickup (444,926 units)
Stellantis makes the Ram Truck (also sold in New Zealand) and is also the name of the automaker for Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroen, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Opel, Peugeot, Ram, and Vauxhall vehicles along with some lesser-known models. The Ram truck sales were down by 5% but still finished in third place.

2. Chevy Silverado (543,319 units)
The Silverado's sales include both a light-duty 1500 model with many trim levels and a heavy-duty version. The heavier trucks were generally flat in 2022, but the Silverado 1500 improved its sales compared with the previous year and is certainly popular with American Chevy vehicle buyers.

1. Ford F-Series (750,789 units)
Ford's famous pickup had another great year. It has continued to stay in the number one position with a 15% increase in sales over its 2022 results. It’s also interesting to note that 24,165 of these sales were for the electric F-150  Lightning. Just remember that the Ford Ranger is the biggest selling vehicle in NZ and is based on the F-150  platform. So, the F-150 comes first in the USA and the Ford Ranger first again in New Zealand as the biggest selling vehicle.

Ford F-150
Ford F-150
Ford Ranger
Ford Ranger

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