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Would you buy an electric Ford Transit Courier Vehicle

The Ford E-TransitThe E-Transit Courier has recently been confirmed as the third model in Ford’s range of commercial vehicles. It’s a fully electric van, similar to the larger E-Transit and the E-Transit Custom. It made its official debut at the 2023 Commercial Vehicle Show in the UK but is not on sale in the UK until 2024.

The Courier will be the smallest model in Ford’s Transit family. It will have a loading bay that is wider, longer, and taller inside than the previous generation, while it can also take a heavier payload and tow more than the outgoing model. In fact, even the electric E-Transit Courier offers a greater payload than the outgoing diesel equivalent believe it or not.

Ford E-Transit InternalPrecise details of the electric motor and battery system are yet to be confirmed, but Ford has said that it will come with a 100kW (136hp) electric motor and 290Nm of torque.

The talk is that it will be capable of swift charging, getting from 10-100% in under 6 hours on an 11kw charger while if you plug into a 100kw DC outlet you should get 87 km’s in just 10 minutes. Leave it connected to that DC outlet and you should get from 10-80% in less than 35 minutes.

This new courier will also be available in a petrol and a diesel version in the UK before the end of 2023, while the electric model will follow later in 2024.

Ford E-Transit PalletsThe Courier’s loading bay is particularly larger than the previous model, it’s 182mm longer, and 9mm higher. It offers nearly 3 cubic metres of space, which is 0.6 cubic metres larger overall. It also has a new load-through bulkhead that will increase the total loading length to 2,661mm at floor level for longer items and also capable of taking two Euro sized pallets.

Ford PumaThe Courier sits on a stretched Ford Puma platform that was designed for electric motors and combustion engines from the very beginning, so all versions offer the same loading capacity and space regardless.

This platform makes the Courier’s driveability different from the previous models and should make commercial drivers happy as they drive in most cases for hours on end.

Another plus for this commercial sector is the increase in payload ability. The electric courier version can take up to 700kg, which is more than the diesel version of the outgoing model. The petrol and diesel versions take up to 678kg as standard, but a high-payload option boosts this to 845kg.

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