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Ford and VW expanding their EV cooperation.

The Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group are working on expanding their e-mobility partnership. Ford plans to produce another electric model for the European market based on the Modular Electric Drive matrix platform (MEB). The automaker will also double its planned MEB volume to 1.2 million units over a 6-year period.

VW and FordThe agreement was signed as part of the strategic alliance between Ford and Volkswagen, which includes e-mobility, commercial vehicles, and autonomous driving.

Designed as an open vehicle platform, MEB allows car manufacturers to electrify their models quickly and cost-effectively.

Both Ford and VW talk about profitability and implementation speed as crucial to achieve the breakthrough for electric mobility in Europe. They are undertaking this together to further accelerate the electrification of the two companies.

Looking to prove the strength of MEB, which they hope will provide improved technology, competitive costs, and speed in implementing new projects.

The first Ford model to use the MEB will be an all-electric crossover. It is expected to roll off the assembly line at the Ford Electrification Centre in Cologne, Germany in 2023 and should give a push to Ford’s e-mobility strategy.

Ford EV CrossoverFord has planned just one model of around 600,000 units based on MEB and has not yet released any details about a second model.

For Volkswagen, expanding the collaboration with Ford will take it a step closer to become a platform supplier for EV manufacturers.

The MEB platform, which can be used by any brand or car manufacturer, provides the technology base for EV’s. Used to build about 300,000 EV’s in 2021, it is one of the leading electric platforms currently worldwide.

The MEB offers a high level of competitiveness while providing considerable freedom in design and model development. It covers a wide range of segments and vehicle types, from compact vehicles up to SUVs and vans.

The VW ID BuzzThe most recent model based on the MEB is the Volkswagen ID.Buzz which celebrated its world premiere recently (see photo).

The MEB also offers a much more competitive cost base compared to other electric vehicles. It is mainly manufactured at German locations of Volkswagen Group Components.

To help achieve the breakthrough in e-mobility worldwide, Volkswagen will help share MEB and other Group platforms with their partners. The models of the future I.D. family are currently being developed based on MEB.

These are Volkswagens in a variety of classes which have been designed as full electric vehicles can reach ranges of up to 500Km. The architecture of the MEB will fundamentally change electric cars and cars in general.

This leads to fundamental changes in body design, interior design, the package and the powertrain characteristics of electric Volkswagens and Fords.

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