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Are there any EV’s in the top twenty US sellers for 2021?

The Ford F150Why don’t you have a look through the top twenty selling cars in the US in 2021 and spot where the EV’s are doing well?

As you know American dealerships were somewhat empty throughout 2021, a consequence of a combination of COVID-19 pandemic and the semi-conductor shortages.

The supply chain crises left automakers unable to build cars as fast as buyers snapped them up. However, almost 15 million vehicles were purchased by Americans in 2021, more buyers tried but many missed out.

It was the second year of COVID-19 with stacks of handout cash floating around the economic recovery, so Americans headed out to dealerships to find mostly empty yards. Prior to this American car buyers had consistently bought over 17 million cars every year but 2019 and 2020 they purchased less than 15 million.

The bestsellers list includes most of the usual suspects, with only a few minor surprises.

The same vehicle has held the sales title for more than 40 years, but there’s a new silver medallist.

Just a quick note: some results for the 2021 sales are yet to be published but the figures below are close enough as up to mid-January 2022.

  1. FORD F150 - SERIES - Top place for the 44th consecutive year.
  2. RAM 1500 - Ram’s big truck often moves between second and third.
  3. CHEVY SILVERADO - Settled for the bronze after a string of silvers.
  4. TOYOTA RAV4 - Becomes the bestselling SUV in America, truly impressive feat.
  5. HONDA CR-V - Honda’s small SUV is very close in sales numbers to the RAV4.
  6. TOYOTA CAMRY - America’s top selling and reliable 4-door sedan for 20 straight years,
  7. NISSAN ROUGE - (X-Trail in NZ) Creeping up further on the RAV4 and CR-V.
  8. JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE - An American icon, a midsize SUV.
  9. TOYOTA HIGHLANDER - A well-earned reputation for dependability and comfort.
  10. HONDA CIVIC - Popular small car and an award winner in the compact car segment.
  11. TOYOTA TACOMA - (Hi Lux in NZ) Best Buy Award Winner for midsize truck category.
  12. TOYOTA COROLLA - A solid spot in American culture, with 50 million Corolla’s sold.
  13. GMC SIERRA - Big brother to the Silverado a bigger truck.
  14. FORD EXPLORER - A classic midsize SUV for family or off-road.
  15. JEEP WRANGLER - Any competition coming from the Ford Bronco didn’t work.
  16. HONDA ACCORD - Award winner for midsize cars, stayed in the top 20 for over 30 years.
  17. TESLA MODEL Y - First EV to appear in the top 20 but it almost certainly won’t be the last.
  18. MAZDA CX 5 - The CX-5 has built up enough fans to crack the 2021 top 20.
  19. CHEVY EQUINOX - A crossover with less room than the RAV 4 or CR-V and no hybrid option.
  20. SUBARU FORESTER - A compact SUV and the 7th on this top twenty list.

The Tesla Model YThe top twenty cars in the list above, represent about 7 million vehicle sales out of the total of just under 15 million for 2021.

So, as you can see the top twenty make up nearly 50% of all vehicles sold to the American car buyers and the Ford F150 sold over 726,000 units which turned out to be 157,000 more than second place.

Just as a matter of interest the Tesla Model Y sold 178,000 units about 1.2% of all vehicles sold in the US for 2021.

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