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Who knows what GM are doing?

By now everyone must be aware that Holden will no longer be an automotive brand for the Australian and New Zealand markets after 2021. What happens to all the Holden franchise dealerships throughout both countries is still anyone’s guess.

HSV LogoHowever, as some people are saying, as one door shuts, another opens. Holden may be going, but General Motors are on the record saying they are not giving up on this region and made it clear they want to maintain a presence here with a set up called, GM Specialty Vehicles.

What is that all about?
GM are talking about a niche presence but no firm details have yet emerged. Talk around this project currently is very limited, so we are left to speculate what a possible outcome could be. Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), and its Melbourne-based operation that already switches the Chevrolet Camaro and Silverado to right-hand-drive, becomes GM’s new specialty division.

A possible set up like this would allow GM to keep a limited presence in this region but also save them worrying about switching vehicles from LHD to RHD, something GM is not all that keen to invest in anymore. Remembering that RHD vehicles make up only 25% of new vehicle sales throughout the world.

It also leaves the door open for the Chevrolet Corvette to see its RHD program through to completion after the company has already invested tens of millions of dollars into it prior to Holden’s demise. There is still no official word from GM, Holden or HSV about what lies ahead but this is what the short-term future of GM Specialty Vehicles may look like.

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