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Last Years Top 10 Vehicles

Well, as you will see from the list below, the most popular new vehicle in New Zealand is once again the Ford Ranger. Coming in second is Toyota’s Hilux, ahead of the first passenger vehicle on the list, the Toyota Corolla. However, please note that the nearly 60% of the registrations for the Corolla were to the rental car fleet.

The Ford RangerThe total number of vehicle registrations relating to our top 10 new registrations list is 51,859.

We are now seeing 4 distinct categories competing and taking the lions share for the new vehicle market: SUV’s, Utes, Sedans and vans or people movers.

The medium size SUV held top place with close to 20% of the market. The 4-wheel drive Ute was in second place and a close third was the small SUV. The small sedan sold better than the large SUV while both beat out the 2-wheel drive Ute.

As a comparison, Australia’s three best-selling new vehicles were the Toyota Hilux, the Ford Ranger and the Toyota Corolla coming in third. Like New Zealand the Corolla was very popular with the rental car companies most likely helping expand the sales numbers. A very similar story to what we see here.

NZ’s top 10 new vehicles:

Ford Ranger – 18.3%

Toyota Hilux – 13.7%

Toyota Corolla – 13.1%

Toyota Rav4 – 10.8%

Mitsubishi Triton – 10.2%

Holden Colorado – 9.1%

Mazda CX5 – 6.4%

Nissan Navara – 6.4%

Kia Sportage – 6.3%

Suzuki Swift – 5.5%

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