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The Commodore Contrast

The ZB Holden CommodoreIt’s now a year since Holden have been selling their imported rebadged (Opel Insignia) ZB Commodore. To be sure the Commodore story is playing out differently between the two countries on either side of the Tasman.

It isn’t doing as well in the Australian market since their local manufacturing ended in 2017, however, the New Zealand market has been a little kinder for the Commodore so far. Why, we’re not sure, maybe it’s down to smarter advertising or just that Kiwis are still in-love with their Commodores.

The last 12 months of VF Commodore sales, (before the ZB Commodore) which included a V8 engine option, rear-wheel drive, and the iconic Ute body style, Holden sold 1,427 units.

The VF Holden CommodoreNow looking at the sales for 2018 for the (Opel Insignia based) ZB Commodore, without options for a V8, Ute, or rear-wheel drive, it has sold 1,366 units. That’s only a slight decrease but only 61 less than the VF Commodore for the year before and also trying to compete against the strong Ute and SUV market that is booming everywhere.

The trick is to understand that Holden is no longer the Commodore Company it used to be. Vehicle buyers of all shapes and sizes have moved away from sedans and wagons and have committed their spend to Utes and SUVs.

The Holden ColoradoIn our newsletter this month about the Colorado, Holden New Zealand sold 4,583 Colorado Utes in 2018 compared to the 1,366 ZB Commodores in the same year.

This is clear evidence of the shifting tide of consumer preference and car companies like Holden have to put their focus more and more into this part of the market.

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