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Automotive marketing campaigns are changing

The U.S. automotive marketing people are forecast to spend $14 billion on digital advertising in 2020. That’s about 13% more than is predicted this year.

Mainly aimed at millennials who love technology, infotainment features and use video for research when making a vehicle purchase. Therefore, the key to a successful marketing campaign, car companies must enlist creativity, emotion and be truly memorable.

Millennials love Tech
Best Day Ever1. Chevrolet’s - “Best-Day-Ever”

In April 2019, Chevrolet launched a campaign using celebrities like Alec Baldwin, Olivia Wilde and Kelly Clarkson, to advance their brand awareness.

Chevrolet also partnered with YouTube to host an 8-hour live stream. The campaign was a huge success with the “Best-Day-Ever” hashtag getting 1.5 billion social media impressions. 3 million people viewed the YouTube live stream and 75% of those were under 35.

B3 Try More Campaign2. Ford's - “Try More”

The campaign was launched in Canada and the goal was to get consumers to try new things and to tie that in with a recent redesign of Ford’s core models.

Ford hosted live events which asked consumers to try different activities like axe throwing, mechanical bull riding and mixed martial arts. The events featured and displayed the Ford vehicles for consumers to see and test drive.

The “Try More” campaign was promoted across social media networks and TV.

Mustang Stunt Driver3. Ford Mustang’s - “Speed Dating”

For Valentines weekend in February, Ford set out to attract viewers to their prank Mustang video.

Using a female student driver to address the cliché that women aren’t good drivers. Ford used some young actors to audition for a new dating show.

Unknown to those actors, the star was a professional stunt driver who invites them for a drive in the Mustang equipped with hidden cameras. At first she pretends to struggle with the driving but then puts her stunt skills to work with 360’s and crazy speed.

The campaign proved to be a huge success with the video quickly going viral, reaching 12.8 million views on YouTube.

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