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Top 10 Industry Trends

What are the top 10 auto industry trends?

1. Crossover Vehicles.
A vehicle that has the comfort of an SUV with fuel and operational cost-effectiveness of a sedan. These vehicles have become one of the most practical ways to commute without compromising on comfort and style. Expect big investments and experimentation from all car makers with this style of vehicle.

Ford Crossover Vehicle

2. Car Sharing.
The emotional attachment to owning your own car is decreasing significantly with a younger urban generation, which helps explain why car sharing is becoming popular. Predictions are that by 2030, one out of every ten vehicles sold will be a shared ownership vehicle.

Vehicle Sharing Germany

3. Vehicles Connected to the Internet. (Io-T, Internet of Things)
A network of devices connected and sharing data over the internet. It’s here already with home appliances, they are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and actuators. This connectivity is now making its way into your vehicle. It is expected that cars will be connected to the internet and the adoption rate will rise steadily over the next 5-years.

Internet Connected Vehicle

4. Multi-Terrain Vehicles.
One of the main drivers of the traditional automotive industry have been the baby boomer generation and will continue for some time yet. This group is moving rapidly into retirement and being able to travel on their own terms is a critical requirement. Car makers are focused on this market with a new breed of Multi-Terrain vehicles providing the much-needed comfort and ease of operation.

Multi Terrain Vehicle

5. A Cloud-Powered Automotive Industry.
Using the cloud technology is transforming every aspect of automobile production, from design and operation to the servicing of physical systems as well as integrating their engineering and design activities. The Cloud also enables scaling of different processes and services, reducing costs and eliminating waste.

The Cloud Image

6. Vehicles with Blockchain Capabilities.
A shared archive between automotive OEM’s, parts distributors, dealerships, service mechanics, insurance providers and others could support the ability for parts or equipment within a car to autonomously sense their own needs. For instance, a car could advise the driver about the need for repair, contact remote users for updates or nearby suppliers for replacement parts, negotiate pricing and appointments for service and repairs, authenticate the proper technician and process the respective payment for services.
Blockchain Image

7. 3D Printing in Automotive Manufacturing.
3D printing in the automation industry has started, you can see what Local Motors have achieved with their award-winning Strati. ( Others in the industry have also developed various 3D car prototypes. Due to the safety benefits and cost-effective nature of 3D printed cars, 2018 will witness larger investments from car manufacturers in this sector.

3D Automotive

8. Electric Vehicles.
World-wide sales of EV’s have reached close to 10 million units and predictions are for continued steady growth, General Motors, Daimler AG, and VW are now entering this market. In 2018, the sale of EV’s is expected to exceed 5% in the UK and get close to 12% in the US.
EV Photo

9. Autonomous Vehicles.
Fully autonomous vehicles are still away off from being common place on our roads but that won’t stop more research and development into this emerging technology. Especially relating to the commercial and public transport sector with vehicles like busses, taxi’s, trains, trucks and others. After Google, Apple and Uber, the future will witness a string of automotive giants launching their own variants of autonomous vehicles.
Autonomous Vehicle

10. Automotive Big Data.
The Department of Transportation in the US has mandated that all new vehicles must digitally communicate starting in 2020. Ford and Toyota have already teamed up to launch open platform infotainment systems that will connect to popular mobile phone operating systems like Android and iOS. There will be soon a higher number of vehicles with interconnected features that will allow app developers to adapt their offerings to cross platform users.
Big data Image
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