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The new entry level 2018 Holden ZB Commodore

We are talking about a 191kW 2.0L petrol turbo Commodore offered in a lift-back or wagon version that will deliver better efficiency & performance than the previous VF2 Commodore.

Looks could be deceiving with this Commodore, it’s badged as a Commodore but reviews are saying it feels nothing like a Commodore and is being explained by Holden as “the European car made great for Australia & New Zealand” but can this really replace what we have all come to know and love? Only you can answer that question.

The ZB Commodore WagonHolden's decision to stick with the Commodore name for its next generation of large car hasn't fallen on deaf ears. In fact, most people have been scathing of Holden's decision to use that name on a fully imported non-Australian vehicle.

Holden will launch the next generation Commodore in Australia and New Zealand early in 2018 with the 2.0L version, a 3.6L and a 2.0L turbo diesel.

The ZB Commodore SedanThese same reviews are also saying that this vehicle is fairly quick, 0 - 100km’s comes up in about 7 seconds and it uses less than 8.0L of fuel per 100km, we are talking about the 2.0L petrol turbo engine here.

Other reports say it’s quicker than the old 3.0L V6 and not far behind the SV6 in terms of performance in a straight-line. It will be only in front-wheel drive, with a 9-speed transmission.

However, once you start turning corners the lighter ZB will be even better. Holden is also saying that they understand what Commodore customers are looking for and what works well for Australasian driving conditions. Generally, these reviews were impressed by the new ZB Commodore. This new Commodore is not a upgrade for the VF2 for as much as Holden insists it has continued the DNA of the Commodore in the ZB, it really hasn’t, and Holden’s marketing spin may have overtaken reality.

So, does the new Commodore live up to its name?
This depends on what you loved about your Commodore, a big family car & long road trips between towns or on holiday then this is a Commodore. If it’s for power-slides and leaving the lights at a fast rate then this is something different. Anyway, the fading Commodore sales led to the end of manufacturing for Holden, so the only people allowed to complain are those of you who owned a new Commodore the rest of us should remain silent.

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