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Alloy Wheels

18" Alloy WheelThe right wheels for your vehicle

An easy upgrade for your vehicle is a set of alloy wheels, but how do you go about finding the right ones? Alloy wheels usually cost more but their benefits can justify a higher price tag.

Alloy or Mag refers to any wheel made from a combination of aluminum and other metals, which create a stronger and more lightweight option than the pressed steel type.

It’s important you fit a set that’s right for the car.

About Alloy Wheels
Aluminum is lightweight and when strengthened and reinforced with other metals, the result is a wheel acknowledged for its performance and appeal.

20" Alloy WheelAlloys are standard for the motor racing scene and are now common on many types of vehicles. Most vehicles today come factory equipped but there are plenty of aftermarket options available for nearly every make and model.

Benefits of Alloy Wheels
Alloy wheels are significantly lighter than steel while being incredibly durable. Depending on the vehicle make and model, some experts claim that alloy wheels can be fitted to give the vehicle more brake clearance and help with both fuel consumption and improved handling. Many alloys are designed with spokes to let air flow freely around the rest of the tyre and this helps cool the braking system.

Aesthetic Appeal
Everyone agrees that alloy wheels look better than steel wheels & hubcaps. Many people purchase alloy wheels based on the look alone. Alloys are sold in all sizes up to 20 inches and come in a variety of finishes.

Commodore Alloy WheelCaring for Alloy Wheels
Because alloy wheels are such a significant investment, owners should take the time to properly clean and maintain the wheels on a regular basis.

There are plenty of alloy wheel cleaning products on the market. Some are sold individually, while others come in kits with multiple sprays, waxes, and sponges.

Alloy wheels are superior to steel wheels with better style and performance and they make driving more enjoyable. When looking to purchase a set of alloy wheels for your vehicle you must check you are fitting the correct wheels to match the vehicle.

Alloy wheels are typically expensive, that’s why you should consider looking at a second hand set as this could save many dollars.

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