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The 5 Best Falcons?

What would be your 5 best-ever Ford Falcons?

We found this opinion by Tony O’Kane from Car News on the internet that described the 5 best Ford Falcons ever produced by Ford Australia, see if you agree with his opinion as the Falcon name is about to be assigned to motoring history.
#1. 1964 XP Falcon
By the time the XP Falcon arrived on the scene, Ford’s factories at Broadmeadows and Eagle Farm had been churning out Falcons for 4 years. However, it was the XP that earned the Falcon the reputation for durability that helped it win favours in a time when smooth motorways didn’t exist.

Five cars were taken right from the production line and subjected to a 24-hour-day, 70,000km torture test at Ford’s new proving ground. Design improvements rectified the front-end failures that dogged the XK Falcon, but it was Ford’s local testing that validated the Falcon’s bullet-proof reputation.
1964 XP Falcon
#2. 1970 XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III
You were probably expecting it this, the legendary GT-HO. Built to homologate the XY Falcon for racing, the GT-HO (the HO stands for “Handling Option” was claimed to be the fastest four-door sedan in the world. With a 5.8L V8 making a heady 224kW (though some claim Ford sandbagged that number), it was certainly quick for its time.
And that legend helped propel values to stratospheric heights, with pristine examples changing hands for six-figure sums. Prices have since calmed down, but the GT-HO will forever be one of Ford Australia’s most desirable products.
1970 XY Falcon
#3. 1982 XE Falcon
The XE might be one of the boxiest cars to ever grace the roads, but it was a significant model in Ford Australia’s timeline for other reasons.

The XE sedan was the first model to ditch the antiquated leaf-sprung rear suspension of previous Falcons in favour of a better-handling and more refined coil spring arrangement. Ride comfort benefited greatly, though increasing fuel prices saw Ford dump the V8 engine from the range in this generation while simultaneously introducing electronic fuel injection on its inline six motors.
1982 XE Falcon
#4. 2002 BA Falcon
The BA saw a bevy of mechanical changes for the Falcon family, with the introduction of dual overhead cams for the inline six, a new independent rear suspension and the fire-breathing XR6 Turbo.

Not only that, but it banished the widely-panned AU Falcon’s styling in favour of a more modern and handsome design – despite sharing its entire midsection with the much-maligned AU.
2002 BA Falcon
#5. 2014 FGX Falcon Sprint
Ford Australia gave the Falcon a scorching send-off with all the FGX models. Not only did Ford spend big on new exterior plastics, light clusters, bonnet and boot-lid, but it tuned up the XR8 and XR6 Turbo’s mechanicals to create the heavy-hitting Sprint models.

The XR6 Sprint had 325kW and 576Nm from a turbocharged 4.0L inline six while the XR8 Sprint made 345kW/575Nm from a supercharged 5.0L V8.

Both had extensive suspension upgrades and monstrous brake packages too, making the FGX Sprints the fastest Falcons of all time.
2014 FG Falcon

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