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The New Holden Colorado

What is the initial impression?
The new Holden Colorado has a strong appearance on the road but does look somewhat similar to other Utes in its class. However the Colorado is taller, which could be a point of difference. The interior of the cabin is well put together but the touch screen could be a little distracting as there are no knobs to turn other than using the control on the steering wheel.

Overall, the Colorado has a satisfying, durable feel both inside and out, a workhorse for urban or rural duties. As of writing the Holden Colorado is the 4th best selling vehicle in New Zealand for 2016 with only the Toyota Corolla, Hilux and Ford Ranger ahead in sale volumes.
The Holden Colorado 
What stands out with the Colorado?
The Holden Colorado delivers a strong engine performance, plenty of room inside for everyone, space for your load and tones of towing capacity, along with the option of 4WD. Like the others in the field the Colorado has a large selection of models from a basic truck to something for the family.

What might be a pain with the Colorado?
The noise from the engine can be a distraction and the interior trim is a little disappointing. If you’re not an IT person you may have trouble taking full advantage of the entertainment & navigation functions. Even the satellite navigation relies on a connection with your mobile phone.

Where is the Colorado built?
Like the Ranger the Holden Colorado is manufactured and built in Thailand.
What makes the Colorado sell so well?
  • It has 18-inch alloy wheels with a black anodised look giving the truck an upscale appearance.
  • Comes with heated leather seats.
  • A hard tray cover and a bumper mounted front nudge bar.
  • A large 3.5 Ton towing capacity.
  • The Colorado includes the capacity to be a lifestyle and commercial vehicle at the same time, whether it’s surfing, snowboarding or turning up at the building site.
  • The Colorado has a 2.8L Duramax turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine.
  • Full-length side steps make for easier access to the cab and black door guards keep dings to a minimum.
  • The Colorado is available as 4WD with all terrain tyres.
  • Comes fitted with underbody skid plates.
  • A limited slip rear differential is also standard. 
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