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The likely Holden vehicle list

We have given you our best guess in the past with what Holden will do after manufacturing stops at the end of next year in Australia. Now that we are a little closer to the time there is more information starting to emerge with what we will see in the Holden showrooms. So this is an attempt based on what we have read to suggest the kind of line up Holden will offer their customers in 2017 and beyond.
The likely vehicle line up based on news and views from Australia and New Zealand. After 2016, it’s the end for all Australian produced Holdens. Following the manufacturing closure, Holden will import all it’s vehicles to Australia from the United States, Europe and the Asian-Pacific.
The likely Holden line up list:
1. Commodore
The best guess to replace the Australian made Commodore would be the Opel Insignia (See image below) from Europe, a front-wheel drive four-cylinder version and a all wheel drive V6 engine version as well as a wagon.
The VF Commodore
2. Caprice
Could possibly be a larger sedan based on the 2017 Buick LaCrosse. There’s been no official word on what will happen to the Caprice nameplate yet and it could even disappear.
The Buick LaCrosse
3. A Rear-Wheel Drive, V8-Powered Vehicle
Holden should have a rear-wheel drive V8 sports car and the C7 Corvette seems to be the most likely candidate.
The Corvette
4. Astra
An Opel-sourced hatchback is likely to take the place of the current Holden Cruze hatch.
Holden will definitely receive the Opel Astra K near the end of next year and we are sure that this vehicle will be in the Holden mix for some time.
The Astra
5. Cascada
The Opel Cascada is a niche convertible and has already arrived earlier this year at Australian Holden dealers and it will continue to be sold for the foreseeable future.
Holden Cascada
6. Insignia VXR
This is the current-generation Opel Insignia OPC on sale in Australia but it’s unclear what will become of the Holden Insignia name after the next-generation of Insignia is revealed. Knowing the next Commodore will be heavily based on the incoming Insignia, it seems unnecessary to keep the current Insignia, as it will most likely become the Commodore.
Holden Insignia VXR
7. Malibu
The previous-generation of Chevrolet Malibu seems likely to become the Holden Malibu and should cease to exist following the 2018 Holden Commodore introduction. Currently the Malibu and Insignia compete against each other and the 2018 Commodore should see both of these cars merged into one model.
8. Cruze
Will most likely be a compact car for North America and the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze may actually head to Holden to be sold alongside the 2016 Holden Astra K and if that happens it seems unlikely the Cruze Hatchback will survive.
Holden Cruze
9. Barina Spark
Will be the next-generation Chevrolet Spark or Opel Karl and will drop the Barina name to be known as the Holden Spark. The best guess at this stage is that it will most likely be based on the Opel Karl and should be ready to go on sale early 2016.
The Barina Spark
10. Barina
A Holden badged Chevrolet Sonic and Holden could easily axe the car from its lineup, especially with the Astra, Spark and Cruze coming to round out the brand’s compact or small vehicle offering. We thing this part of the line could be over crowded.
The Barina
11. Trax
A compact crossover Chevrolet Trax or Opel Mokka and there’s is no official word on what will happen to the Holden Trax, but it seems likely the Trax will stay around in some shape or form.
Holden Trax
12. Colorado
A commercial pickup based on the Chevrolet Colorado and you can bet the Holden Colorado will definitely stick around. This section of the market is one of the biggest growth areas and Holden will not want to miss that opportunity.
Holden Colorado
13. Captiva
This is a crossover vehicle offered in both five and seven seat configurations and Holden just recently revealed it’s updated 2016 Captiva dropping the Captiva 5 and Captiva 7 name badges.
Holden Captiva

So we have a bakers dozen of Holden vehicle possibilities, once Holden stops designing, manufacturing and assembling vehicles in around 12 months time, just how many of these we will see or if others are added time will tell. Holden is a name that’s been around a long time in Australia and New Zealand so the interest will be on their ability to maintain and win new customers after the end of 2016.

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