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Ford Sales Story

What’s happening to Ford’s vehicle sales in New Zealand? The short answer is up nearly 30% from this time last year.

Ford showrooms are now featuring one of the liveliest line-ups and Kiwi customers like what they see and are buying.

1. The Mustang
More that 1,000 Mustang’s had been ordered by March 2106 and you must have noticed more around the streets with Mustang’s drawing crowds at the annual Beach Hop the classic car and nostalgia festival.

However if you order one now you may have to wait until after December to drive it.
B1 Ford Mustang
2. The Focus
Its Ford’s top selling passenger vehicle and has been redesigned both inside and out and is fitted with an updated transmission and powerful 1.5L four-cylinder 132kW Turbo EcoBoost engine.
Ford Focus
3. The Everest SUV
Ford’s newest SUV has jumped quickly to the number one spot in March. The Everest was 50% ahead of the Toyota Prado, for the month.

SUV’s continue to be in demand here in New Zealand and around the globe so this vehicle seems to be hitting the mark with buyers.
Ford Everest
4. The Ford Ranger
This is a vehicle that continues to set records with its dominance in the market and was once again the overall top-selling new vehicle in the country in March with 689 sold.

In a segment that has such a large range of great vehicles on offer the Ranger is Ford’s biggest seller.
B4 Ford Ranger

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