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The big selling Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger remains at the top of the commercial sales in New Zealand and is out selling all other Utes in its class. The 147kW/470Nm 5-cylinder diesel engine is as solid as a rock and all models come with either a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

This vehicle is great to drive, has some great looks and is well built, it is easy to see why the Ranger won over the Kiwi Ute buyers over the last few years especially the facelift PX2 that came out late last year. As of writing the Ford Ranger is the best selling vehicle in New Zealand for 2016 with the Toyota Corolla, Hilux and Holden Colorado in second, third and fourth place respectively.
The Ford Ranger
What stands out with the Ranger?
The Ranger is a rugged vehicle with light steering and good safety features. Top of the range models have nicer trim, comfort and work for the family situation. Rangers are great off-road, partly because all 4WD versions have locking rear differentials.

What might be a pain with the Ranger?
Getting around city streets and parking in tight spaces, the Ranger is a larger vehicle and only the more expensive Wildtrak comes standard with a reversing camera. Expect a bouncy ride with no load, as all Utes have stiff springs at the rear so that they can manage a heavy load.

Where is the Ranger built?
The Ranger is built in Thailand and shares its engine, suspension and platform with the Mazda BT-50, both are made in the same factory.
What makes the Ranger so good?
  • Ford’s Sync 2 in car system on the XLT & Wildtrak is based around a 20 CM colour touch screen and controls the phone, navigation, audio, media inputs and climate control using voice or touch commands.
  • The adaptive cruise control, only on the Wildtrak, automatically maintains a predetermined space to the vehicle in front.
  • It has a speed limiter. (Not sure if this should make the good list).
  • A lane holding system that warns you if it detects any inadvertent lane departure and provides steering torque assistance to help get the Ranger back into the lane.
  • There is a forward collision alert that scans for any possible impact.
  • MyKey on XLT & Wildtrak allows custom settings to disable the audio until the seatbelts are fastened, limiting volume, blocking incoming calls & texts.
  • A choice of multi coloured ambient lighting for the colour coordinated.
  • Adjustable power assisted steering which gives assistance to the feel depending on the speed and the road conditions.
  • A tyre pressure monitoring system on XLT & Wildtrak.
  • It also has a 240v power inverter that can charge electrical devices up to 150 watts. (Maybe handy when camping). 

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