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The new Holden Astra

According to reports from the UK the 2016 Vauxhall/Opel Astra is set to be a big seller for car buyers in that region and the main reason why the new Astra is launching out of UK’s Vauxhall factory at Ellesmere Port is because of the build quality, their internal audits have demonstrated the strength of the factory and its workers.

The AstraOpel has also formally unveiled two models for the Astra K family with a hatchback and a Sports Tourer with reported plans to launch an aggressive product offensive from 2016 through to 2020 starting at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2016.
Opel has also talked about the Vauxhall brand staying around with models like the Adam and Mokka (not seen in NZ). These models have introduced Vauxhall to a new group of British car buyers according to reports. Another model will be the 2017 Vauxhall/Opel Insignia with a new dramatic design. (This is rumoured to be the new Commodore).
Both Neumann (Opel Germany) and Barra (GM USA) seem genuinely excited to launch the new Opel Astra. GM is investing heaps to help rejuvenate the Astra with a whole raft of new models.
Holden has a bit of sorting to do with its current lineup and incoming global models, before it can really focus on winning back customers, after manufacturing decisions have left more than a sour taste for local car buyers in Australia and maybe New Zealand.
Holden are reporting that the 2016 Opel Astra will play a very important part because it will be the first new Opel model to be selling in this market and it’s at the beginning of Holden’s launch of the 24 new models by the year 2020.
Holden is trying to evolve into a brand that’s able to talk to a wide range of customers who potentially don’t have Holden in their sights.
Holden want a suitable small car strategy in-place by 2016 as Holden currently sells the locally manufactured Holden Cruze and Cruze hatchback. With a new Astra coming in 2016, this could be an indicator of when the Cruze will cease production and be replaced.
Currently, the previous-generation Astra is sold under Holden in a GTC and VXR model. The other piece of the puzzle is what will replace the Holden Cruze sedan, as Opel has not revealed any details on an Astra sedan thus far. Though, it’s inevitable that model is coming. It’s possible the Cruze may be dropped from the Holden lineup entirely, as the brand leans more and more on Opel to source its vehicles.
The Opel Badge The Vauxhall Badge

So in summary it is still unclear if Holden’s will be Vauxhalls or rebadged Opel’s, maybe it’s only the Astra that will be made in the UK.

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