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What will we see after the last HSV Commodore?

The HSV CommodoreWith no rear wheel drive V8 Commodore after 2017 what will be the options for the team at HSV? For more than 25 years the team at HSV have been turning out performance Commodores so they will need to turn their attention in a new direction.
The Opel InsigniaThe big change HSV will have to come to grips with is that what ever is picked to work on in Holden’s new vehicle range will not be Australian made. HSV are already talking about a number of options their have in the pipeline without saying exactly what it is. Time is in their favour, as Holden have not yet confirmed what will replace the Commodore. We are certain it will come form Opel and most likely be the Insignia.
Local content, knowing your market and the conditions the vehicle operates in will be an essential part of the HSV operation for any performance vehicle they produce but the starting point will not be Australian. HSV is keen to have a high-performance vehicle on the road that wears the Holden badge post the Commodore era. They are talking about bold design, technology and performance as defining principles to be able to carry the HSV badge.
The HSV AstraThe challenge will be in making the transition from the iconic Australian Commodore to a new vehicle based on an import and how that would affect the brand’s image and sales. They are staying optimistic about the future as HSV employs around 200 people and is not anticipating any significant changes once Holden closes its factories in 2017. HSV does have some history with an imported Opel Astra. The VXR, which is a turbocharged 177kW 2.0L hot-hatch, based on the previous-generation Opel Astra OPC hasn’t sold in great numbers for the last few years. However we will leave it up to you to judge for yourself once we see what they come up with.

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