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What vehicles will make the Holden team after 2016?

Holden LogoIt kind of reminds you of the days when the national rugby team was picked from a trial game between the probables and the possibles.
Officially Holden is talking about having a world-class team in every major segment of its market backed by a solid customer-driven strategy. Holden has also announced a team of new selections before 2020.

60 years of HoldenThey also reported that General Motors is investing considerably into the Holden lineup to deliver world-class vehicles by accessing GM’s global operations to compile its biggest and best ever team lineup. I guess they are looking at the next 60 Years.
Although the lists below are not yet official we have looked closely at what is being said and drawn a few conclusions like most people do before a national rugby team is announced in the media.
What vehicles do we think are in the probable team lineup?
  1. Next-generation Holden Barina Spark
  2. Holden Commodore (Either Opel Insignia or Buick Avenir).
  3. Global sourced replacement for the Captiva
  4. A new, unnamed at this stage, Holden SUV
  5. Holden Cascada Convertible
  6. Holden Astra Hatchback
  7. Holden Colorado,
  8. Holden Colorado7
  9. Holden Trax
  10. Holden RWD V8 Sports Car 
We also hear that all GM Holden vehicles trials will take place at the existing Lang Lang proving grounds in Victoria, Australia and that Holden’s global design center will continue to influence the Australasian products and also global products around the world.
The Commodore name looks set to live on in the form of an Opel replacement by 2018 and Holden will offer a Corvette or Camaro rear-wheel drive V8 sports car.
What vehicles we think are in the possible team lineup?
  1. Holden Corsa
  2. Holden Corsa VXR Variant
  3. Holden Cruze
  4. Holden Volt
  5. Buick Avenir Concept
  6. Holden Silverado 
With Holden now leaving the manufacturing to others and starting the transition to a sales brand it still has a major job to do to convince the Australian and New Zealand public that it has a team selection that will be suitable to compete in this region

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