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Dual Purpose Ford Transit

Ford Transit CargoFord has designed the new Ford Transits with a dual purpose in mind. After in-depth surveys throughout the USA Ford have discovered that most small business owners will often need a vehicle that can do two jobs, the fold down seats for deliveries during the working week and the seats up for all the family on the weekend, this configuration helps grow the businesses and keeps the family on the move.

Ford Transit CustomRegardless of which vehicle is finally purchased, flexibility is always a key for small business owners. Nearly half of them reported that they use their business vehicle primarily for driving themselves to appointments, others use it to carry equipment and materials to a job site, make various deliveries and transporting people to different work related destinations.
Ford Sync TechnologyWhat also comes out as being important is the ever-growing reliance on connectivity technology, which assists business productivity. Work related duties are made more efficient when you can leverage mobile technology in a vehicle, especially functions like Bluetooth enabled hands free calling, voice recognition, intuitive touch screen GPS and clear a graphical interface.
Price remains the main reason for the purchase, followed by a maintenance program and then the resale value. A couple of other factors like fuel costs and insurance also influence small business owners. The diesel powered Transit is an economical option or some alternative fuel powered vehicles are becoming more viable although not offered currently in New Zealand.

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