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Will the Holden Commodore live on?

The Holden Commodore VFGM’s International boss Stefan Jacoby has confirmed that the Commodore nameplate will be used on the replacement vehicle for the Commodore after the Australian manufacturing ends in 2017.

He made the announcement that Holden will continue with the nameplate and that there will be a Commodore successor. The discussion around the replacement continues with lots of rumours attached,

Holden didn’t settle what the passenger car lineup would finally look like at a recent launch of the new Holden Astra GTC and VXR. But Holden is saying that the new Commodore will give customers what they want.
And what do we want?
Well Holden seem to think they know, family carrying capability, performance credentials, a driver’s car. It’s due to arrive in 2018 and the marketing guys talk about honoring Commodore's heritage, with a successful future while remaining pillars of Kiwi motoring in New Zealand.
Who did they talk to?
Holden have said that they have talked to a number of their customers to better understand what they felt was important for Commodore to remain competitive and what type of vehicle qualified to carry the Commodore nameplate. According to Holden, the overwhelming response from these customers was that Holden should continue the nameplate into the future with the next-generation car. Holden has made no secret of its plans to replace the Commodore with a new large sedan in 2018, after production of the current VF Commodore ends in 2017. While it hinted that Commodore would continue it has yet to commit to the name of the European replacement.
The opel InsigniaWill rear wheel drive disappear?
GM will switch to front wheel drive for the replacement Commodore, it’s almost guarantied and most of the smart money is on the German-designed Opel Insignia sedan to be the one. The current boss at GM came from the VW/Audi Group whose vehicles are front wheel drive anyway.

Commodore V8 SupercarIf you can remember back to 1978, the beginning of Commodore, it was the replacement for the Kingswood and was in fact a European Opel. Much like the original Commodore, GM wants this new model to offer fuel economy savings with a smaller, lighter car and more modern technology and of course family carrying capability, performance credentials and a driver’s car.
What heritage does the Commodore have?
  1. Commodore born, October 1978, Kingswood replacement based on a European Opel Rekord
  2. Commodore, the most successful V8 Supercar with 425 victories, 15 championships and 22 Bathurst victories
  3. Australia's most popular new car for 15 consecutive years from 1995 to 2010
  4. VE Commodore in 2006, becomes the biggest investment in local manufacturing with a total development cost of $1billion
  5. HSV introduces its GTS, 430kW in 2013, the most powerful Australian made passenger vehicle 
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