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Global Vehicle Sales

Annual global vehicle sales over the last 4 years have shown some steady growth. In  2010 there were 73.2 million, 2011 with 76.7 million, 2012 with 79.5 million and last year finished at 82.8 million units.

There are predictions that global vehicle sales will reach 85 million units in 2014. This increase is predicted to steadily rise each year until 2018 when annual auto sales are forecast to go past 100 million units.

These predictions are based on Chinese consumers buying 30 million vehicles each year. That would make China responsible for almost a third of all new vehicles made by 2018, other growth markets would come from countries like India, Russia, and Brazil. So what are the models poised to take advantage of these growing markets? Well we maybe able to answer that by looking at what is most popular right now.
The 2013 Top Ten Selling Global Models:
1. The Ford Focus is the biggest single selling model currently. It is outsold by other small cars in America but worldwide; it's the No. 1 seller. The Focus is an example of Ford's global strategy with sales approaching 1.1 million vehicles. Ford Focus
2. The Toyota Corolla has been redesigned for 2014 but has lost its crown as the world's most popular car back in 2012. It's expected to finish second again, with sales of just over 1 million. Toyota Corolla
3. The VW Jetta sedan, also badged as a Vento or Bora in other markets, is sold with a variety of powertrains, including a diesel and hybrid version. Global sales of the Jetta are expected to be over 900,000 units. VW Jetta
4. The Elantra from Hyundai in Korea has become a major contender in the global industry and is known as the Avante in the Korean market. Sales in 2013 were expected to be more than 850,000, which will be up by 11% from 2012. Hyundai Elantra
5. The Cruze made by General Motors was launched in China in 2009 and is GM’s first truly global car and it’s the main reason behind the growth of the Chevrolet brand worldwide. Global sales are expected to exceed 725,000 for 2013. Chevrolet Cruze
6. The Toyota Camry is the only mid-sized vehicle in the Top 10 seller’s worldwide list. It has very strong sales in America where it is the most popular passenger car. Worldwide sales for 2013 are projected to be close to 730,000 units. Toyota Camry
7. We are now seeing the seventh generation VW Golf and is still to go on sale in China or America. Despite not being in 2 of the biggest markets the Global sales of the new Golf and the current model are expected to exceed 720,000 units. VW Golf
8. The Ford Fiesta has seen moderate success in America but its sporty, high-tech version is popular in many countries. Global sales are forecast to finish at over 700,000 units. Ford Fiesta
9. The Honda CR-V is the only sport-utility to crack the Top 10 list in global sales. Sales will finish just under 700,000 units at the end of 2013. Honda CRV
10. The VW Polo is a benchmark in the mini market but isn’t available in America. It is sold in huge numbers throughout Europe, South America and Asia. Polo sales are expected to be just over 675,000 units.  VW Polo

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