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The very Tough Transit Cargo

The Ford Transit CargoThere are few vehicles today that can be expected to last more than 10 years. Especially after years of grueling, punishing use, particularly if they are subjected to an extreme working life, day after day, week after week.
We recently found a story written about the testing regime that Ford use to make sure their new Transit Cargo (2-tonne) can stand up to all the punishment it could possibility receive during its lifetime. It’s completed over a period of 6 months and Ford simulate an accelerated 10-year lifespan for the Transit to see if can make the grade.
It is quite amazing just what kind of testing is carried out by Ford on the Transit and below is a summary list of some of the things that Ford do to check the durability of the Ford Transit Cargo before even one vehicle is sold:
  1. The Transit was driven on a simulator for over 11 million kilometers.
  2. Driven in temperatures up to 40 degrees C.
  3. Driven in temperatures down to minus 40 degrees C.
  4. Driven continually at top speed non-stop for 60 days.
  5. Driven over gravel road surfaces.
  6. Driven over salted or grit road surfaces.
  7. Driven over dirt or mud roads.
  8. Left in a high-humidity chamber for 12 weeks.
  9. Driven in a figure-of-eight motion non-stop for 4 weeks.
  10. Driven over a bumpy pothole road over 5,000 times.
  11. Driven into a 140 mm curbside at 60Km.
  12. Prototype Transit tested in real-life situation for over 500,000 Km’s.
  13. The 2.2 Duratorq diesel tested for 46 days on continuous high load.
  14. Driven pulling a trailer at maximum load weight non-stop.
  15. Engine tested on rigs over 10 days to simulate 10 years running.
  16. Transit driven in hot climates like Arizona, Dubai and South Africa.
  17. Transit driven in cold climates like Finland and Canada.
  18. Driven on challenging roads in Russia, Turkey, Austrian Alps and Death Valley USA. 
The Ford Transit CargoOnce this testing was completed, Ford was able to identify over 100 significant improvements that it could implemented as a direct result of this grueling test regime.
Ford says that pushing a commercial vehicle like the Transit Cargo to its very limits helps deliver a robust product fit for any purpose. It’s a product that will keep on going however tough the work environment presents.
By the way the Ford Transit Cargo that has withstood this test program is on sale in New Zealand currently for under $58K. Not bad we think!

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