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What about Ford’s FPV’s future?

The FPV LogoLast month we published an article about the future of Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) and what life could be like after the Holden Commodore ends production in this part of the world. Well Ford’s equivalent, the Ford Performance Vehicle (FPV) is about to finish its lifespan with a combination of good looks and grunt.

The Falcon GT FFord has unveiled its last eye catching Falcon GT F from Ford Performance Vehicles (FPV) and it looks like it could become a collector's item. The fact is that only 500 of these have been produced with 50 being sold in the New Zealand market. Numbers 2-49 have already been sold and numbers 1 & 50 are to be owned by Ford.
The Boss 5.0L V8When Ford developed this car they decided to take the opportunity to look at an engine performance increase with a focus on balance between performance and drivability. This FPV Falcon has the supercharged 5-litre Boss engine under the bonnet similar to other FPV’s of the past however Ford has extracted a few more Kw’s to enhance its performance. Don’t be fooled by the badge on the side or the marketing brochure, which suggest it produces 351 Kw’s, this Boss engine produces more than 400 Kw’s of power.
It will be the most powerful Falcon to roll out of the soon to close, Broadmeadows and most likely the last FPV Falcon. There will be one last version of the XR8 Falcon appearing before the factory is finally shut. However the XR8 Falcon won't pack the power of the Falcon GT F, and it won't have the same wide-ranging list of racing and performance extras.
To control the power so it can stop in time the Falcon GT F will be fitted with Brembo 6-pot calipers on the front and Brembo 4-pot calipers at the rear. Ford is keen to give drivers a vehicle that out performed previous FPV machines and is not a complete handful to drive.
There are five colour options, black, white, orange, blue and grey with the usual GT F logo decoration, stripes and racing leather seats. It will have 19-inch rims with a R-Spec suspension, retuned dampers, reinforced control arms, anti-roll bars and an increased spring rate.
The Ford MustangIt's always great to finish with a bang rather than a whimper and this car is no skinny weakling, however the F in this Falcon's name will stand for FINAL.

From Ford’s point of view the FPV Falcon GT F apparently needs to go to make room for the Ford Mustang.

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