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The Coolest Looking Falcon

How about getting 335 kW of power under the bonnet in the new 5.0 L V8 FPV GT RSPEC. They wanted to improve the existing set up with a more nimble and receptive vehicle.

The first apparent change is the addition of a wider set of rear tyres (275 mm). The new wider wheels that those tyres fit on still fit onto a standard FPV GT set up with the correct alignment.

The reports that we read are saying that the roll and body control are improved by extensive changes to the suspension and the mounts. The engineers have stiffened the powertrain mounts along with the transmission mounts and are now twice as rigid as the standard FPV GT.

The other focus was around the steering feel, which FPV says has been upgraded for a more receptive feel. FPV have a habit of burning out their rear tyres, so for the first time they have introduced a model with launch control. The idea here was to match the torque output on the engine with the available traction onto the road.
The FPV GT R Spec Limited Edition  
The GT RSPEC vehicle is limited to 350 and FPV has ceased production of its regular GT car with plans to resume these at a later date. Of the 350 vehicles, 175 will be in the cool looking silhouette black shown here.

The talk is that all 350 sedans will sell quickly and Ford Australia has no plans to make any more after that irrespective of demand. This car launches in September 2012.

September 2012


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