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Focus Wins

We see that the Ford Focus has won New Zealand's Car of the Year; this is according to our top motoring writers. The biggest positive for the Focus is that it was judged to be more than capable over 12 other cars. The judging was carried out in our local driving conditions including urban and rural roads.

Focus Wins NZ Car of the YearDifferent criteria is used to assess the cars and it’s based around handling, performance, value, economy, safety and how it fits the purpose for which it was built.

The fuel efficiency of the powertrain was one important element for the Focus, according to the judges, for both the diesel and petrol engines that are coupled to a twin-clutch automatic transmission. The petrol engine was producing 6.4 L per 100 km fuel economy.

This is a feather in the cap for the Focus as our national award is achieved by a group drawn from all over the country, and the wining vehicle must stand out from the pack for a wide range of drivers when tested in our local conditions.

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