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The 2011 Ford Focus

What is different about the new Ford Focus?

The 2011 Ford FocusIt has a new measure of elegance mixed with great Ford build excellence.

The elegance you notice on the outside but the quality you start to enjoy once you are behind the wheel.

The first thing you see once inside the Ford Focus is the MyFordTouch system. It is a voice controlled audio, navigation and air conditioning unit that operates through a great looking large touch screen. There is some debate around the voice activated system waiting to be fined turned to cope with the Kiwi accent.

Inside it mirrors many of the smaller Ford Fiesta architecture and a mobile phone look-a-like center console. The build quality and materials looks great.
There is a new 2-litre direct-injection petrol engine version, with 119kW of power, which is up 12kW on the current Focus 2-litre engine. It's a good preforming engine with maximum torque, however not on tap until 4450rpm. It works well with the dual-clutch Power-shift six-speed transmission.

Ford New Zealand remains a bit tight-lipped about the local specification. But this 2- litre engine will surely be the power plant of choice. The diesel options are 1.6 and 2-litre options. The new 6-speed manual delivers on performance and economy and is very smooth in constant throttle motoring.

There's also a conventional five-speed manual, but we don't expect to see that five-speed option in New Zealand.

Focus has moved away from the sports-hatch feel to something more fluid in it’s handling with a subtler ride.

Focus is the second model to be developed under the One Ford program. The Ford Fiesta was the first in that category. This is where the same basic car or model is offered to all of the markets. This Focus will be sold in over 100 countries, with only minor differences in chassis tuning to suit the conditions.

Also another first for New Zealand will be the Ford Focus sedan. This is more conservative than the hatchback but not at all boring, with incisive Mondeo inspired looks. There will be a hot version to replace the Focus XR5. The new Ford Focus will leave you with an impression of hidden flair and sophistication.



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