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What's next for the Holden Commodore?

Why change something that already works. This is the brief Holden is expected to adopt for the first review of the highly successful Holden VE Series Commodore, now on offer in just about every continent in one form or another.
The General Motors design boss Ed Welburn, was in Melbourne recently to sign off on the style and look for the next Holden Commodore, due to be released late in 2013. Currently the unknown Holden VF Series Commodore will be an upgrade of the current Holden VE Series Commodore. It looks like it will share the same rear wheel drive setup and V6 engines.

The Holden VF Commodore

Official Images of the VF Commodore will not be available for another 18 months. This is a computer generated image done by

Holden Australia is reported to be looking into lightening the VF Commodore’s components to improve fuel economy with the new model, and is also putting a strong accent on improving the drive-train efficiency. Though Ed Welburn refused to comment on whether the Commodore would come to the American market badged as a Chevrolet.
However he did say: They are doing work for Holden and for other projects around the world. They are a very talented team, very talented, and I want to take full advantage of that. So, they are responsible for the look and feel of all Holden products, but they are doing work on Chevrolets, they have done some wonderful Buick work, and I could not be more proud of the work that they do.

Holden Australia has vast experience in vehicle design, and is currently working on one of three new Opel models expected in the market in 2013. It’s still unknown which of the three Holden is working on. Some of which includes a four seater convertible and an Opel Corsa derived MPV.

Holden Australia’s managing director and chairman Mike Devereux hinted that the Holden VF Series Commodore would continue to be a rear wheel drive vehicle, unlike its main rival. The Ford Falcon is rumored to go front wheel drive or all wheel drive for its next model release.
The plan for export to the American market, commencing only a year before the VF Series designated update, will dictate that very little changes cosmetically. New engines and updated interior quality the main targets for the Australian market.

Though perhaps with more than a year away, Holden Australia’s vision of its future has been hinted at in the Holden Coupe 60 concept vehicle at the Melbourne Motor Show. Very little of the distinctive VE Series makeup has changed. It is considered Holden will change the shape of the headlights and the front bumper moulding to distinguish it further from similarly styled vehicles coming from Ford, Toyota and Audi.

Some have been quick to appreciate the proportions of the Holden VE Series Commodore profile, but you need to understand that much of the design work went into the shape and proportion, rather than the detail.



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