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10 Reasons Why We Recycle

Price Effective 1. Price Effective.
Purchasing and fitting a second hand vehicle part instead of buying a new vehicle part is less expensive and saves resources. These parts have a long working life so recycling vehicle parts makes perfect sense. The parts are often described as used or second-hand. They offer a practical, inexpensive, low-cost alternative for motor traders, insurers, repairers and the general community.
Quality & Reliability 2. Quality and Reliability.
Because the secondhand vehicle part in many cases is checked, tested and rebuilt the quality of a recycled second hand vehicle part means that it is safe and fit to be used in vehicle repairs.
Vehicle Parts Warranty 3. Vehicle Parts Warranty.
You should expect a quality recycled second hand vehicle part to come with a warranty. Often the warranty that we offer can be longer than when the part was new. The warranties offered can be up to 60 months depending on the part. In the event a part is not fit for purpose, you can expect it to be exchanged for another part. In the event of the part not being able to be exchanged, you will be refunded (subject to any agreed terms and conditions).
Service and Advice 4. Service and Advice.
Our secondhand vehicle parts sales team has a vast knowledge of Ford and Holden vehicle parts and provide professional, knowledgeable customer service. Our computerised vehicle parts imaging and cataloguing systems ensure they can give you prompt service to identify the right part, the availability of that part and the price.
Parts Exchange System 5. Parts Exchange System.
In many cases we provide second hand vehicle parts for sale on the basis that we can get your old part back. We call this “sale on exchange”. This enables us to recycle the old exchange part either as scrap or through rebuilding completely or using it to rebuild other parts. This continues the recycling of the resource rather than importing more new vehicle parts.
Reducing Repair Delays 6. Reducing Repair Delays.
Our recycled second hand vehicle part warehouse is large with more than 150,000 parts in stock. We can assist with parts for most Ford and Holden vehicles
Increased Competition 7. Increased Competition.
The re-use of quality second hand vehicle parts helps create competition in the New Zealand parts market and prevents the creation of motor manufacturer/new after market parts monopolies that can lead to higher parts prices and repair costs.
Resource and Energy Savings 8. Resource and Energy Savings.
The re-use of quality second hand vehicle part reduces the need for new vehicle parts to be manufactured. This in turn reduces our demands on the world's finite natural resources, ultimately protecting our environment for future generations.
Socially Responsible 9. Socially Responsible.
Responsible re-use of quality second hand vehicle parts simply makes common sense. We have systematic recording of vehicles purchased in compliance with police regulations that assist in the identification of any stolen vehicles. This industry also creates legitimate employment opportunities for New Zealand workers and contributes to government taxes.
Sustainable Environmental Program 10. Sustainable Environmental Program.
Automotive dismantling is a worldwide industry that processes millions of End-of-Life vehicles every year. As an industry we are helping to de-pollute contaminants and hazards such as the oils, fuels, batteries, gases and air bags. Advanced for Ford & Holden play an essential role in the New Zealand automotive industry by re-using second hand vehicle parts.


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